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The most favourable solution for total cost of ownership...


For virtually every transport application we have the right equipment at hand. Whether it concerns new or used equipment, one vehicle or an entire fleet, you can always expect a competitive rate from us.

Some reasons to rent:

  • The right equipment saves you many hours
  • Absorbing peaks
  • Work for new commissioning parties
  • Fixed monthly costs as a policy
  • Most favourable “total cost of ownership”

Pros and cons...

In general, the advantages of renting often get less attention than the disadvantages. Becx Verhuur gladly offers openness and sets out the general pros and cons:


  • By renting you don’t have to make large investments, making liquid assets available to the core business of the company.
  • Renting against a fixed monthly fee provides clarity that is essential for competitive calculations.
  • The scope and the composition of the fleet can vary with the amount and the nature of the workload.


  • The equipment doesn’t have of the renter’s information (name, company colour)
  • You pay for the use, the equipment is never owned
  • Renting for a short period of time is relatively expensive
  • Handling claims can be complicated and unnecessarily expensive

For short term rental we cannot change the higher costs and or provide custom information for the equipment.

Where we make a distinction is in returning the equipment. We still regularly hear from the market that surcharges are charged for sweeping out a semi-trailer, the repair of a tear in a tarpaulin or replacing a rear light. We won’t charge you for these things.

For long term rental we are of the opinion that in many cases we can overcome all disadvantages.

Our rental options

Term from 2 to 7 years. This is often for companies that work with long-term contracts or companies that work with budgets. By agreeing on a fixed price in advance for the entire running time, companies can precisely map out their margin for the coming years.

Medium term rental

Term from 3 months to 2 years. This lease form is widely used by companies that wish to seamlessly align their equipment needs to the contracts with their commissioning parties, helping them to maintain a good position in every rate negotiation.

Short term rental

Term shorter than 3 months. Ideal for absorbing peaks or occasionally conducting transport for which the right equipment is not available.

Sale and rent back

There can be 2 good reasons to opt for this rental option;

  1. It is a fast way to release liquid assets
  2. For you the entire Becx Verhuur customisation package results in a more favourable “total cost of ownership”.

We are happy to tell you about the possibilities.

The right equipment saves time!


Why rent?

Examples of when renting is a good option:

Absorbing peaks. These can be seasonal peaks, such as the Christmas and New Year period. Another example applies to the construction industry where the demand for transport during the winter and holiday period is significantly smaller. In case of commissioning parties’ promotions, transport volumes can also temporarily increase.

  • It is sometimes possible to save a lot of time by making use of an additional ‘semi-trailer’, due to which the waiting time of your chauffeur is kept to a minimum.
  • You have the right equipment for your standard work, but for different goods or test loads for one of your current or potential commissioning parties you need specific equipment.

Work for new commissioning parties

Especially in the current market there are a lot of shifts in the relations between producers on the one hand and logistic service providers and carriers on the other hand. Often the running time of new partnerships entered into by the carriers is too short to invest in their own equipment. Naturally, they want to be able to make use the right equipment for clients to do their work. With respect to this, rental often offers the ideal solution with a fixed monthly rate that allows the renter to drive with the right equipment, giving them the chance to see whether the relationship with the client will prove to be a durable one.

Fixed costs, so no surprises

Mainly in large companies it is usual that the cost of rolling equipment is a fixed factor. For these situations, renting is ideally suited. ROB as well as depreciation and interest are included in one fixed monthly rate. However, in consultation with our clients we often go that one step further. In this monthly amount we also include the damages, the transport movements and the workshop. In this way our clients only have a single, fixed amount per month.

Most favourable “total cost of ownership”

Nowadays, both carriers as well as shippers often choose the most favourable offer and Becx Verhuur’s customisation package often turns out to be surprisingly favourable. This results in minimum effort being required by our clients with respect to equipment management and because the monies are not stuck in rolling equipment, they have the option to deploy their liquid assets for investments in their own core business. This way, both we and they have their hands free to do what we’re good at!

We would happily discuss the possibilities with you.

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