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Getting a grip on the fixed costs is the basis for competitive cost price calculations...

Full service rental

Becx Verhuur offers hassle-free rental. With our Full Service you can get suitable equipment with an extensive package of securities for maintenance, repair and insurance at your proposal.
Due to our extensive knowledge and experience in the field of transport and logistics, we can easily adapt to our clients’ needs and offer a suitable solution. By thinking in a creative manner, we always come up with a favourable rental offer with which the client can significantly save on the total equipment costs.
In the case of Full Service rental, we take things a few steps further. Full Service rental includes an arrangement for small damages as standard and, if desired, this can be extended to comprehensive coverage; providing maintenance at the client’s location, without charging any additional costs. This way, we can exclude all variables and you only have to deal with fixed, pre-determined costs.
The high degree of flexibility within this rental system makes us a suitable partner for both small as well as large companies. Small companies benefit from our scaled advantages and the advantage for large companies is that we seamlessly align our services with their applicable procedures and guidelines. When calculating the “total cost of ownership” we always come up surprisingly favourable with this form of rental.

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