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Maintenance and a little bit more...



In our well-equipped and modern workshops we are able to conduct all regular maintenance and repair work. We also conduct construction work on our vehicles in-house. Only in this way, both now as well as in the future, are we able to:

  • Guarantee the constant quality and safety of our vehicles
  • Always respond quickly and continuously to the right priorities
  • Keep the cost price of our maintenance and repair work to a minimum, so we can always be competitive.

Conducting our own maintenance work has long been one of our core activities. Malfunction is a significant disruption in the work process and this is why our mechanics are specifically trained to look beyond their noses. This means that if a vehicle comes in, it is checked entirely instead of only checking the part to be replaced. Due to this we can proudly say that on average only 0.2% (1 in every 500) of our semi-trailers is stranded with a brake problem annually. Our latest workshop in Esbeek has all facilities in the field of repair, construction and damage repair under one roof and can truly be called the workshop of the future. We are happy to show you around, so you can see for yourself how we have thought everything through. From spraying booth to cylinder lifting platforms and from the construction workshop to the truck, everything suits our devoted company vision in detail.

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