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We support…

For some years we have not sent Christmas cards to our business relationships but a Christmas message by email instead. The amount that we save doing this every year is donated to the Kika foundation.

The foundation’s general objective is to raise funds for innovative research and other activities that surround childhood cancer, focusing on less pain and struggle, greater healing rates and a higher quality of life at a later age.



In addition, we also support the Alpe d’Huzes, the initiative of cycling for cancer.




There is no doubt that support of local sports activities is not only beneficial for health, but surely also for solidarity within a community. Sports clubs are often run by volunteers, but new initiatives seldom take off due to little or no support from local authorities. We provide financial support for some of these local initiatives.


   The Vessem Football Association has been supported by Becx Verhuur for several years now. The Becx logo is prominently present both on as well as along the field. Becx Verhuur is now a staple main sponsor of the Vessem club 1st team.


  Support for the Vessem Netball Association is also a fine example of many years of collaboration between the local associations and entrepreneurs from the town. Here too Becx Verhuur supports the association by way of shirtsponsoring and advertisement signs.


  Besides supporting sports associations, Becx Verhuur also supports the local Brass band and Saint Cecilia Music Association. For many years now Becx Verhuur has supported this association in various ways, to give a helping financial hand so the entire community can enjoy nice music.



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